We did it! No ethanol trains!

After working very hard for the past four months - organizing public forums, legislative meetings and working with constituents and fellow legislators - I am happy to announce that Global Partners' plan to transport ethanol through our communities has been stopped in its tracks.
Last night, the State Budget Conference Committee released its report. The Senate Amendment prohibiting the issuance of a Chapter 91 license to any ethanol facility used or intended to be used to store or blend more than 5,000 gallons of ethanol daily and is located within 1 mile of a census block with a population density greater than 4,000 people per square mile was preserved.
Earlier today, I received even better news. While I was in the House Chambers in the midst of final adoption of the FY14 budget, Senators Sal DiDomenico and Anthony Petruccelli informed me that they and Senator Patricia Jehlen had just received word from Global Partners. The company has decided to withdraw its proposal to bring ethanol trains through Massachusetts.
A special thank you goes out to Senators Petruccelli and DiDomenico and Representative Timothy Toomey who secured last year's MassDOT study that slowed down the process, giving legislators and citizens time to strategize. Thank you also to the rest of my Cambridge colleagues - Representatives Jonathan Hecht and David Rogers and Senator Patricia Jehlen - who worked hard to help identify ways to halt this plan, and Representatives Kathi-Anne Reinstein of Revere and Eugene O'Flaherty of Chelsea, who helped us advocate in the House on this issue.
This news is truly great testimony to the democratic process. When I entered the conversation many months ago after being sworn in, we were told there was basically nothing to be done. We were up against a corporation - an industry - much bigger than Cambridge or even Massachusetts. It seemed insurmountable.
However, if there's one thing that can be learned from this fight, it is that nothing's impossible. When a group of determined elected officials and citizens come together to fight for what they believe to be right, we can triumph.
Thank you so much for your efforts! We did it!